Here to Make a Difference


John Drummond
Founder and President of Steriquip

After 23 years working for major sterilizer manufacturers, John Drummond knew he could provide a more responsive, economical, and customer-focused business:

Over the years I have worked for both of the two major sterilizer manufacturers in the US. In 1999 I set out on my own because it was getting increasingly difficult to do the right thing for my customers. I knew there was a better way to respond to my customers and to keep their equipment running properly.

This is what Steriquip, Inc. is all about. We are not just another service and equipment supplier. We are here to make a difference. A difference in responsibility, reliability, and above all trust. Trust has to be earned and we value that trust.With this in mind, I founded Steriquip, Inc. in order to make a difference in how medical equipment is sold, serviced and maintained.

I spent four years in the Air Force, and one year working in the Oklahoma oil fields before being hired by Castle Company in 1982. I have been servicing hospital equipment ever since.

One day early in my career I was repairing a sterilizer that had been installed a month earlier. A nurse asked me why I had to fix a sterilizer that was so new. She asked, "Isn't a sterilizer like a refrigerator? Don't you just plug it in and it keeps running without any problems?" I explained to her that these machines use steam and water which causes them to require frequent servicing. Little did I know that this conversation would stick in my mind for years to come.

Why Can't a Sterilizer be as Reliable as a Refrigerator?

On many occasions since that day, I've returned to that question. Why can't a sterilizer be as reliable as a refrigerator? Since founding Steriquip in 1999, I have been developing ways to make sterilizers and other equipment used in hospitals more reliable and more cost effective, even developing patented parts to improve the functioning of machines we service.

Nothing is more rewarding to me than to have a satisfied customer. I love my job.