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Whether you’re a large hospital, Surgery Center, or Clinic, we are here to help!

Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm.

Our Philosophy

At Steriquip, our prime goal is to develop long lasting relationships with our customers by providing quality service and equipment. Our job is simple, we do as promised.



We return all service calls immediately, and we can be on site the same day for most service calls. We work around your schedule.

Fast Turn-Around

 We carry a large inventory of parts to prevent return trips and unnecessary down time.

Cost Savings

We have multiple sources for service parts which saves you on the cost of equipment maintenance.


Solution Oriented

We are experts in solving the unique problems faced by Surgery Centers and small facilities. 

Our Customers

"Steriquip has always provided excellent response time and workmanship at fair prices. A very reliable company with nice, knowledgeable staff."

– Pamela Palmer, Surgery Center Administrator

"Our facility has worked with Steriquip for the past 15+ years. Steriquip keeps our equipment in top notch condition and promptly responds to all service calls!"

– Ann Mueller, Surgery Center Administrator

"In a word: Trust...When I need sterilizer answers I know John and his team will be there. They have never let me down. Steriquip continues to prove to me that I have made the right choice for all my sterilizer needs."

– Phil Alder, Biomedical Engineering Supervisor

I really appreciate the excellent service you provide, and Charlie is the best! I hope you stay in business for many more years. You have never let me down in all the years we have been associated. Thank you.

Linda Lange, Surgery Center Administrator

Austin had discovered that we were set up to dispense twice as much detergent as we actually needed. We can estimate that at 6 months of using the same units, We will be saving about $10,000! We are so grateful for having Austin as a part of our team and just wanted you to get an idea of the savings he’s allowed us to make!

Jennifer Minton, Surgery Center Materials Manager